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Motif – motif Jlamprang atau di Yogyakarta dengan nama Nitik adalah salah satu batik yang cukup popular diproduksi di daerah Krapyak Pekalongan. Batik ini merupakan pengembangan dari motif kain Potola dari India yang berbentuk geometris kadang berbentuk bintang atau mata angin dan menggunakan ranting yang ujungnya berbentuk segi empat. Batik Jlamprang ini diabadikan menjadi salah satu jalan di Pekalongan.

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How to Take Care Batik with Natural Dyes

How to Take Care Batik with Natural Dyes
Batik dyed using natural dyes do fade faster than by using chemical dyes, because of batik with natural dyes do not undergo a process of fixation (locking the color) of the maximum. Batik fabric with natural coloring requires special handling than usual batik cloth. To take care batik cloth with natural dyes, the way include:

Wash your batik cloth by using hair shampoo. Previously, dissolving shampoo first until no more part of jelling. After the new batik cloth dicelupkan.Anda can also use a special detergent soap for batik fabrics on the market. Please note, you also do not need to soak them too long.visit us batik pekalongan

Batik cloth should not be washed using the washing machine. How to wash your batik cloth as this will make the natural color of batik cloth did not last long.

You should also not hang naturally berpewarna batik cloth in the sun langsung.dan nicer if you leave them in an inverted

If you want to give the fragrance and the batik fabric softener, do not spray directly on fabric. Previously, close over first cloth upholstery other better light-colored / plain, just spray the deodorant and fabric softener.

Still with cloth upholstery, you can iron the natural berpewarna batik cloth. Do not iron directly on the fabric because this can affect the color of his motives.

You should also not spray perfume or fragrance oils directly to the fabric or garments made ​​from natural berpewarna batik.

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About BATIK MARKET TO order and buy Click here

Effort and Activity is online batik shop selling Pekalongan's Batik. As usual a shop, we accept and accommodate batik from batik craftsman. Our Supplier is brother, friend, society and neighbor around Pekalongan which famous with the title Batik Town. It is represented the spirit of unity, family trying to offer you the best.

Besides online batik sell, Batikmarkets servicing batik makings corresponds to desirable motif included insert logo / device on undresses batik and also accept ordering uniform of batik, as uniform as batik for about office, need about hotel, nuptials, school, political party etc.. Minimal ordering is 1 kodi (20 pcs).

Mission and Vision


Assisting to make relationships between batik craftsman with consumer in the form of transaction online.


Partake to maintaining and preserving batik art which is representing as ancestor heritage tradition.


Making the batik is the one of the admirable art in the world, more famous and loved in the country and abroad.

Office Marketing

Address :
Jl. Rogobayan No.12 RT 01 RW 14
Desa Rogobayan - Kelurahan Kedungwuni Timur
Kecamatan Kedungwuni - Pekalongan 51173
Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
Telephone : +62-815-86717950
Contact Person : Wiwik Pujiastuti
Email & YM : & YM ID batikmarkets

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Pekalongan of Batik Town


The name of Pekalongan as was disribed by local society hereditaryly for some version. One of them was mentioned at a period of Raden Bahurekso as Monarchic commander figure of Mataram. In the year 1628, he got comand of Sultan Agung to attack VOC (Vereenigde Oost Indishe Compagnic) in Batavia. So he struggled to ossify, even early by fasting like bat (Javanese : topo ngalong) in forest of Gambiran (now : Gambaran village, it's situation around bridge of Anim and countryside of Sorogenen).
In its hermitage is narrated that Raden Bahurekso lured and bothered by Dewi Lanjar along with all unvisible soldier which represent its follower. But all obsession of Dewi Lanjar along with all its follower can be defeated even bowed to Raden Bahurekso. Then Dewi Lanjar, representing courier Queen of Roro Kidul or Queen of Coast South set mind on do not return to Coast South, however then request permission to Raden Bahurekso to remain around this region. Raden Bahurekso fulfill this request even Queen of Roro Kidul also aggreeing it. Dewi Lanjar allowed to remain north coast of Central Java. It is said palace situation of Dewi Lanjar located is coast of Pekalongan side river of Slamaran. Since that time, the area is famous for the name of Pekalongan.

In other version was mentioned that name of Pekalongan came from local term of HALONG-ALONG with the meaning galore result. So Pekalongan referred as also by the name of PENGANGSALAN with the meaning of luck. Name of this Pengangsalan is the reality also there is in chronicle of Mataram (Sultan Agung), that is :

"Gegaman wus kumpul dadi siji, samya dandan samya numpak palwa, gya ancal mring samudrane, lampahe lumintu, ing Tirboyo lawan semawis, ing Lepentangi, Kendal, Batang, Tegal, Sampun, Barebes lan Pengangsalan. Wong pesisir sadoyo tan ono kari, ing Carbon nggertata".

Its meaning : " Weapons have been collected into one. After altogether ready to, all soldier ridden away to sail. The sailing is no desisting of passing Tirbaya, Semarang, Kaliwungu, Kendal, Batang, Tegal, Brebes and Pengangsalan. Everybody coastal area nothing that under developed (they leave to prepare x'self in Cirebon to go to Batavia utilize to invade VOC Dutch)".

Pre-eminent product

1. Batik
As we have known, Pekalongan was recognized as "Batik Town" having huge potency in batik industry and have expanded rapidly, in big and small scale. Batik production of Pekalongan has become one of the supporting of economics Pekalongan. Pattern and typical colour of batik product of Pekalongan have made crafting of Pekalongan Batik was progressively recognized. This area of batik's industry has been able to eksport to various state for example Australian, United States, Mid-East, Japan, Chinese, Korea and Singapore.
To batik collector, Pekalongan is the right place to hunt batik and accesories for Pekalongan is the place of batik market, batik's boutique and also batik's grocery, as original batik (hand drawn), batik cap (stamped), batik printing, batik painting and also sablon at the varied price.
This industry gave big contribution to the progress of economics in Pekalongan with majority of home industri.

2. Industry convection
Besides batik, Pekalongan also has kind are convection's industry. Amount of this industry spread up to start from Kedungwuni, Tirto, Bojong, Wiradesa, Buaran, Klego and Landungsari. Contribution of convection industry of Pekalongan is big enough in supplying of clothes in country. All entrepreneur, the most is home industry, partake share remit to some big grocery for example Grocery's Tanah Abang (Jakarta), Market of Tegal Gubuk in Cirebon (West Java), Market of Klewer in Solo (Central Java) as well as its other place. This industrial product in the form of ready made clothes either from batik and also non batik between others : sarong, man cloth, woman cloth, child clothes, bedspread or seprai (pallet sleep above mattress), desk palm, jeans, etc..

3. Jacquards of ATBM (non-machine weaving)
ATBM represents small industry with the product was : towel, cloth of ihrom, house interior, etc.. Its production have eksported to Japan, Singapore, United States and Europe.

4. Crafting of natural fibre
With raw material in the form of enceng gondog (flowers edible and leaves red with plant water), banana cortex and frond, pineapple fibre and also other natural fibre, all small entrepreneur has used it to various crafting like bag, clothes, house interior, etc..

5. Industry processing of fish
Industry processing of fish also represent one of the pledge sector of Pekalongan. This Sector consist of :
1. Canning of fish
2. Salting / draining of fish (enchovy except kind any of fish salted dried)
3. Coagulation of fish
4. Pemindangan (preserve large fish or meat with salt without drying)
5. Processing and pickling of fish

The Art and Culture

1. Dance of sintren
Sintren is traditional artistry of society of Pekalongan and its surroundings, representing a dance smelled mistical/ magical which is taken stem from love story of Sulasih and Raden Sulandono. Mentioned Raden Sulandono is child of Ki Bahurekso marriage Dewi Rantansari.
Raden Sulandono love Sulasih a female of Countryside of Kalisalak, but the love was not get blessed by Ki Bahurekso. Finally Raden Sulandono lived as an ascetic and Sulasih was chosen to become dancer. Nevertheless meeting among both still take place to through illusory nature. The meeting was arranged by Dewi Rantansari including houri soul to body of Sulasih, at that moment also Raden Sulandono which was doing penance to be called by its soul to meet Sulasih, than they met between Sulasih and of Raden Sulandono.
After the time of that's every performed a by show of sintren of is the entered by sure dancer of houri soul by its expert in conquering animals. Sintren played the part of by a girl which still is holy (maiden), assisted by its expert in conquering animals and accompanied by Javanese musical 6 people. The development of sintren's dance as people entertainment amusement, was later developed with dancer attendant and comedian.

2. Simtud durar
Simtud durar was the traditional artis which is reflected Islam using Rebana and Jidur as a means of its music. This artis have been played for 15 people till 20 people, accompanied by music. They bounced by make much of or sholawatan as expression thank Allah and application of safety of eternity and world. This commonly at used are the time of opening of event of hajatan traditional party or carried out by urban community citizen of Pekalongan famous with its adherence in running comand of religion.

3. Kuntulan
Kuntulan is represented traditional artis which is have Islam breath to played by 18 men. Together the position 18 people in doing dance is 9 people in front of and 9 people behind. The mentioned meant will contain meaning of asmaul khusna that is 99 nature of Allah SWT (God who are single the most).

4. Sya'banan (Khol)
Sya'banan (khol) is religious ceremony which have in area of Pekalongan, carried out by every 14 sya'ban (ruwah) one year to memorial / considering service- service of Sayid bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Tholib Al Atas, during its life blazing the way founding of Maisonette of Pesantren in Java.

* Pesantren is school of Qur'an studies for children and young people, most of whom are boarders

5. Syawalan
Syawalan is custom ceremony to moslem residing in Pekalongan and its surroundings to witness sharing of BIG LEPET which has diameter size measure 150 cm, heavy 185 singk and high of 110 of cm this event is carried out by 1 week after feast day of Ramadan Idul Fitri by mayor / functionary of area.

* Lepet is cake of glutinous rice steamed in banana leaves

Typical food

1. Rice of megono
Town of Pekalongan is famous for typical food which is called MEGONO, It is of a kind vegetables dish made of young jackfruit (Javanese : gori) chopped of refinement mixed with coconut (urapan) is grat and urapan sambal (Javanese : kluban). But with is more mace ingredient completed with a little hot feel and salam leaf, will generate to feel typical. Megono is very delicious and compatible as breakfast, suitable with other dish. Even only accompanied with tempeh fry and ketchup sambal, likely very scrumptious. In town of Pekalongan, megono is very easy to get, from cloister booth until big restaurant most of all providing rice of megono.

2. Tauto
Tauto is typical food of Pekalongan of a kind soup, just only the ingrident of the tauto is added with taucho, that is of a kind delicate adder a kind of saus having typical aroma and its making materials from soy. As generally soup, tauto is also mixed with flesh and jerohan (organ in) and also noodles of sohun, delicious to eat with rice or lontong. Tauto Pekalongan is usually got in booths in town of Pekalongan in the day time.

* lontong = food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf.

3. Garang asam
Garang asam is food of a kind soup (rawon), typical of area of Pekalongan. But for the garang asam, its gravy is given many tomato, so feels fresh and acid but. Garang asam is usually mixed with flesh, egg or jerohan (organ in). Usually ripe by garang asam rather hot, so that likely growing scrumptiously. In town of Pekalongan, Iurid of acid very is easy to get in booth - booth, especially in the day time.

* rawon = beef stew made with keluak

4. Soybean chips
As tempe, soybean cake even also can be made by flaky. Flavour and way of its making do not far different. felting enjoy able and crispy likely, making flaky know suitable for crispy to eat with rice (in the place of crisply) and also suitable for snack. Flaky is easy get in food-shop shop in area of Pekalongan and its surroundings.

Place Recreation

1. Coast of Pasir Kencana
Representing coast recreation place to all foreign and also domestic turis to relax at the same time enjoy cold coastal air. This coast suited for recreation raw and fish with boat of readily touring serving it. The facilities for children toy, open podium, areal park, small mosque, bathroom.

2. Place Recreation of Linggo Asri
The view is nature with fresh air to be the typical place individuality of Linggo Asri which is located in the side of south district of Kajen sub-province of Pekalongan at height 700 m of sea level. The combination of natural potency, forest and mountain of wisata and also the condition of village which is still rural becomes interesting factor to be enjoyed. Beside that, situation which is profit able by the side of Province street between sub-province of Pekalongan and of Banjarnegara very facilitating to tourist to visit.

3. Place Recreation of Petung Kriyono
As recreation place which is have located in mountainside of Ragajambangan at height about 900 - 1600 m of sea level. A fresh air cold with wonderful place, natural beauty and Ioveliness which is suited for recreation. Of capital of regency of Pekalongan is apart 30 km and can be Reachings with public vehicle. As area of agrowisata, Petung Kriyono is offering many choice for the accomplishment of ambition of natural tour. In this area is you are able to explore the nature and do the outbond's activity.

4. Waterfall of Curug Muncar
Is famous for the exotic place with beautiful waterfall and the wonderful view. This waterfall of Curug Muncar a is lot of visited by tourist and natural devotee.

5. Place Recreation of Rogoselo
The place is located more or less 14 km of town of Doro's district, exactly in countryside of Rogoselo. This recreation place in the form of petilasan / preserve of Arca Baron Sekeber and Mausoleum of Ki Ageng Atas Angin According to folklore, Baron Sekeber is a miraculous man from the Europe who came to Java, wish to challengge magical power. In every fight, Baron Sekeber always wins, have many miraculous people and hero in Java Land which he defeated. Till one day he was lost to be defeated by Ki Ageng Atas Angin.

6. Natural Recreation Place of Lolong
The natural recreation place is located more or less 6 Km of town district of Karanganyar. This potency place of recreation is also supported with existence of durian fruit (typical fruit of very delicious area likely) which has famous for in each its season.

7. Coast of Wonokerto
The coast recreation place is located more or less 5 km of roadway of Wiradesa to the north, precisely in countryside of Wonokerto, district of Wonokerto, in Zulkhijah this place was performed by ordinary of sea alms event performed by local fisherman society.

8. Coast of Slamaran Indah
Was the wonderful coast which gives us balmy and compatible. This area of its legend have "tutelary spirit", that is Dewi Lanjar as coastal queen of North. It is said Dewi Lanjar often make an appearance with peerless pretty beautiful face.

9. Camping site
About 4 hectare, Camping site which is in Dranan village of Yosorejo provided to all natural devotee, student and also all tourist provided with bathroom, verandah of ancient palace, post guard care and playground.

Pekalongan in Present day
Nowdays, Pekalongan have experienced of development become two region, that is Municipality of Pekalongan and Regency of Pekalongan.

1. Municipality of Pekalongan
Head of governance : Mr. Dr. Basyir Akhmad
Proxy head of governance : Mr. H. Abu Almafachir

1. Geographical position
Geographical position between 6 - 50' 44 is" transversal of south and 109 - 37' 55" till 109 - 42' 19" East longituade, and also have fictious co-ordinate to 510.000 - 518.000 lengthwise km and 517.875 - 526.75 athwart km. Wide of area of Pekalongan equals to 45,25 km2, administratively consists of 4 district and 46 sub-district. Area of Pekalongan have mean rain climate 2.189 mm / year.

2. Growth of economics
Economics of municipality in Pekalongan is growing rapidly enough started from PDRB about 42%/ year. Especial Contributor economic sector of PDRB (Produk Domestik Regional Bruto) is middle and big industry and also wholesale and at retail. Supporter of economic medium among others walke as long as 115.222 km, 10 market unit, 10 unit banking of private sector and state, available and also of electrics, clean water and telecommunications.

2. Regency of Pekalongan
Head of governance : Ms. Hj. Siti Qomariyah, MA
Proxy head of governance : Mr. Ir. H. Wayudi Pontjo Nugroho, MT

1. Geographical position
Regency of Pekalongan geographically located in north coast wise [at] 109 - 109°78' longitude east and between 6 - 7°23' regional paralel south broadly 836,13 km², administratively consist of 19 district. Mean rainfall per year 2.950 mm with rain day mean 157 day. High rainfall happened in district of Lebakbarang mean per year 5.551 mm, condition of land pursuant to wide of Regency area of Pekalongan 83.613,103 hectare. which consist of rice field land 26.082,454 hectare or 31,25%, dry land 57.484,781 hectare ( 68,75%).

2. Growth of economics
Produk Domestik Regional Bruto (PDRB) Pekalongan's regency increases 10,72 % or Rp 5,06 trillion on year 2007 for price apply than years 2006 as big as Rp 4,57 trillion. Meanwhile constant price settle, PDRB is year 2007 as big as Rp 2,83 trlyun, worked up 4,43% than years 2006 as big as Rp 2,71 trillion.
For perkapita's income year 2007 as big as Rp. 4. 882. 280, worked up 9,61% appealed by years 2006 as big as Rp 4.454.203.
Years indigent population 2007 as big as 190.000 souls or 21,13% of populations, experiencing decrease was appealed by year 2006 as much 207.644 souls or 23,29%.

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BATIK PEKALONGAN between the past and PRESENT

BATIK Pekalongan long been exported to several countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. So famous batik from Pekalongan, Central Java, so this kind of batik does not stop just a result of economic activity, but also has become a tourist icon.
Pekalongan batik became very distinctive because it relies entirely on hundreds of small businesses, rather than on a handful of large capital entrepreneurs. Since many years ago until now, most of the production process of batik pekalongan done in homes.
As a result, batik Pekalongan closely integrated with community life Pekalongan now divided into two administrative regions, namely the City and County Pekalongan Pekalongan, Central Java. Batik is a breath of life pekalongan everyday citizens Pekalongan. He lived citizen support and Pekalongan.

However, as with small and medium businesses in Indonesia, batik business pekalongan are now facing a transition period. The development of an increasingly complex world and the emergence of new competitors, such as Vietnam, Malaysia and China challenge Pekalongan batik industry to quickly transform itself into a more modern direction.
Failed through this transition period, batik Pekalongan may only be remembered by future generations the history books.
Fathiyah A Kadir, a businessman in Pekalongan batik, say, in the early 1970s almost all workers in pekalongan batik business units are farmers. "So, they batik artisans and farmers," he said.
At that time, the pattern of batik artisans work is still greatly affected the agricultural cycle. We take the plant or harvest rice, they are fully working in the fields. However, between the planting and harvest, they work entirely as batik artisans.
"The atmosphere was tinged spirit of communality, the spirit of family," revealed that women entrepreneurs.
Pekalongan Batik other craftsmen, Khusnul Khotimah say, what pekalongan batik industry faces today is probably the same problem faced by other industries in Indonesia, especially those based on small and medium entrepreneurs.
The issue was, among other things, a decline in competitiveness as indicated by the product selling price is higher than the selling price of similar products produced by other countries. In fact, the quality of the product resulted better than competitor products Indonesian businessmen.
The cause of this problem varies, ranging from low productivity and skills of workers, lack of initiative entrepreneurs to innovate products, to support machine tools olds production process.
Tighter competition conditioned medium to small businesses improve performance, while improving the quality of the products they produce. The old paradigm is often pointed to the demands of improving the welfare of workers as scapegoats swelling of production.
This paradigm ignores the good work quality or creativity to produce innovative products out of the welfare workers and workers who do their job quietly.
To survive in the increasingly tight competition, pekalongan batik entrepreneurs should adopt a new paradigm in managing their businesses. As implied in the view presented Totok.
"Product quality is determined by the workers. Employee benefit programs, like Social Security, a very helpful employee empowerment," he said.
Only be based on the benefits of low wage workers have had to be abandoned Indonesian businessmen, including batik entrepreneurs pekalongan. Be based on the unique advantages of the products also seem to have to be abandoned.
"We increasingly severe competition. Imagine, when I visited Bangkok, I saw that Thailand is now also capable of making batik is much better than we produce," said Totok.
FOR pekalongan batik entrepreneurs, enter the year 2004 is entering a time of difficulty. Pekalongan batik demand from all sides in Indonesia dropped drastically. Kodi batik Berkodi-stacked in place because of sluggish demand workmanship.
"As the financial crisis in 1997, was struck by batik pekalongan cloth prices. However, the impact of cloth prices could simply export sales offset by a favorable pekalongan batik because the rupiah plunge against the U.S. dollar. This condition is different from now. The rate the rupiah was relatively stable, but demand is very sluggish, "said Director of Wholesale Markets Setono, Pekalongan, Hasanuddin.
A number of batik traders in the wholesale market pointed general elections (elections) in 2004 as a cause of declining sales turnover of batik pekalongan to 50 percent. Argument, the delay due to travel to pekalongan wait until completion of the 2004 election campaign.
However, for Hasanuddin, sluggish sales pekalongan batik is closely related to people's purchasing power decline. The reason, if the sluggish sales of batik pekalongan 2004 election only because, of course orders outside batik from Pekalongan, such as Makassar and Surabaya, is relatively not experienced a decline because people do not need to travel to Pekalongan.
"Employers are always oriented batik sell their products outside the town is now a gang selling in Pekalongan. It is characterized by strong demand in wholesale markets stalls," Hasanuddin said.
However, the effort seems to still not helping. Batik piles remained unsold at the place of production. Therefore, from about 100 businesses in the area of District batik Buaran, for example, about 25 percent of whom already dismiss workers. "Sales jammed. How they can continue production?" Hasanuddin said.
Pekalongan Redupnya batik business, according to Hasanuddin, also marked by the growing number of tenants in the market stalls Wholesale Setono paying rent with a blank check. This is almost never encountered in the past.
"In fact, the stall tenant considered large employers and the value of the rent to be paid fairly small, only USD 1 million to Rp 2 million. I think that, under normal conditions, not classified as entrepreneurs may well established enough to do this," Hasanuddin said again.
However, sensitive to market demands and respond in the form of batik entrepreneurs proven innovation pekalongan, Rusdiyanto, who managed to save his business from the exposure to the crisis. "If only I did not start the production of pineapple fiber batik three years ago, my batik business may also dismiss employees now," said the man was in his place of business of District Setono, Pekalongan, the.
Batik produced pineapple fiber Rusdiyanto was not affected by exposure to the crisis. Price pekalongan batik cloth with a pineapple fiber length and width of 2.56 meters 1.15 meters able to reach USD 1.5 million to Rp 3 million. Therefore, people who buy this type of batik their course with the financial condition of an almost untouched crisis strikes.
In fact, today admitted Rusdiyanto difficult to fulfill orders. "Batik my pineapple fiber production never accumulate. Just so, buyers rushed to Jakarta or Singapore," he said.
According Totok Parwoto, pineapple fiber batik prices in Jakarta rose many times more than when prices were still in Pekalongan. "Pineapple fiber fabric batik in Pekalongan which cost USD $ 3 million to reach USD $ 7 million in Jakarta," he said.
Batik pineapple fiber has a high price because the supply of pineapple fiber cloth is still very little. Currently employers pineapple fiber batik in Pekalongan depends only on two pineapple fiber fabric suppliers, namely from Pemalang District and from the Pekalongan Radika Factory.
At least producers of pineapple fiber cloth caused difficulty level is high enough in the process of pineapple fiber spinning into yarn, which then woven into cloth. Whereas, in Pemalang, especially in Sub Belik, abundance of pineapple plants.
In addition, the price of pineapple fiber batik cloth is very expensive for this type of batik silk combined with fiber. Actually, batik silk itself is classified as an expensive batik. "Not to mention the pineapple fiber batik is done by hand or included batik. One month, I am only one worker produces one pineapple fiber batik cloth," said Rusdiyanto.
Innovation committed Rusdiyanto not limited to the use of pineapple fiber. This batik entrepreneurs to innovate in the motif. "I use ancient pekalongan batik motif," he said.
Pekalongan ancient batik motif is used as the motif batik pekalongan first appeared. This motif is usually shaped Dutch army or Dutch people with all its attributes. In fact, it is not unusual motif also illustrates the tank.
Rusdiyanto colors used as well as batik pekalongan color first appeared, namely the natural color, like brown or red brick. In contrast to the color of batik pekalongan now, which is called the ngejreng color. "Pineapple fiber batik cloth with ancient motifs and colors of nature was so fond of buyers from overseas," he said.(Abdurrahman)

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Helm Batik Start Young children tune

Helm Batik Start Young children tune
Monday, March 02, 2009
Pekalongan - Batik have become the breath of people's daily Pekalongan. Pantaslah get the nickname City of Batik. Until the cover-up of the alias was created batik helmet. Now, the helmet batik trend began to be so young. Like what?

Reports: Slamet Martoyo, Pekalongan
If you happened to go city of Pekalongan, try to note a huge ago thatch traffic Batik City. Do not be surprised if you see young people wearing motorcycle helmets with trendy batik. Yes, the helmet is painted with batik motifs on the start ngetrend Pekalongan. Primarily for members of motorcycle clubs. "Most of the book helmet batik children are young," said Taufik Tarodji, the scorpion helmet batik Koran visit this house.

In a simple house on the edge Banyurip Jl Raya No. 606, South Pekalongan that former civilian areas Kalideres, West Jakarta continue to create this. Pentolan in the former mufti, the helmet used to enter the appropriate trash can be changed to helmet batik into a beautiful and unique. Only with a little made hand and made batik, batik the helmet. Men who claim to have the LP Salemba prison because of this drug that are grateful for kreatifitasnya community. "The period I was sullen. I once conditions commas day. I have remorse. Now the important creative work. In addition to still make a batik design patterns, I also make helmets and batik batik decoration tripleks. Occasionally also business batik shirts order, "explained while smiling friendly.

Men claim to this original Pekalongan start making helmet concentration batik pattern since a year ago. factually, occurs when the price hikes mori fabric, the material of batik cloth. Taufik who make day-to-day design motif batik feel imbasnya. Order of batik design daripara had fallen sharply. Reduce the production of batik clothes because not afford to buy cloth. "I'm so confused. Order motif batik design is reduced, "added Taufik who live on Jl Raya No. 606 this Banyurip.

The kebingunganya, when cangrukan chat with neighbors, make the idea tercetus helmet batik. Moreover, some people are still reluctant to use Banyurip helmet. Helmet with batik, the people feel proud to use the helmet. Because, for the people of Pekalongan, batik is a pride. "Finally, the ability to have capital drawing, I try to make batik helmet. Initially, ex-unused helmet, so I've created batik helmet. In fact many are like, "tukas husband's Ny Ani Rohmayati this. Young people around the place of residence is also a lot of book. The pounding contagion, the user helmet batik was increases.

Taufik menuturkan, batik making helmet is actually simple. Just need patience and perseverance. Firstly coconut shell helmet diampelas to clean. Next let be painted or basic pigment. Next batiknya drawn motifs. After that be painted batik and screen in order to color up. Finally, the helmet in the dry in the sun for about 1 hour in order to become strong and the color does not fade. "I use to make the equipment to normal," Mr. supplement three children.

Peminat can bring your own helmet or order at a time. If a helmet himself, Taufik only determine the price thousands of between Rp 30 to Rp 40 thousand to cost to make. However, if complete buy helmets at a time, it costs between Rp 75 thousand to 150 thousand rp. "Depending on the size of the helmet and the complexity of motives batiknya. But if just use a helmet, so I can one day, "accuse him. At the helm of batik can be a logo or word name owner helmet or a company name.

In addition to creating batik helmet, actually serve Taufik also making batik decoration tripleks. Ie, batik painting with basic materials tripleks. For media tripleks, the process pembuatanya almost the same as the helmet batik. However, it is not necessary in the curtain. Concerning price, depending on size. Ranging between Rp 50 to Rp 200 thousand thousand. "I actually want to participate in exhibitions exhibitions. But have no capital, "said Taufik. Luckily, now batik painting tripleksnya already ordered officials start. While creative work continues, Taufik also busy deep religious knowledge. (***)

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business batik helmet

PEKALONGAN - to make batik, that not only can be done in the sheet of cloth. This is evidenced with the batik business digeluti Taufiq Farozi, people Banyuurip Alit Buaran. Through his efforts, to make that can also be done on a helmet casque.

Taufiq said, business batik helmet is already exist since 2 years ago. According to him, in addition to popularize Pekalongan batik and creative ideas mold, business batik helmet is also expected to provide employment opportunities for street children.

Napi male former LP Salemba this claim, his business batik helmet at this time, still not fully able to be developed. This is due to limited capital and labor that is only done for themselves.

In fact, according to him, this business has a market opportunity is large enough. For this he often receive orders from various areas, but sometimes difficult to fulfill orders in large numbers. (Reporter Achwandi noisy)

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International Batik Week 2009

International Batik Week 2009

Pekalongan, CyberNews. The Government of Pekalongan city and the committee of International Batik Week (PBI) 2 start up performance of the property will be held April 29-May 3 in future. Yesterday gapuro entrance PBI began in pairs in the area of Jetayu street by some workers. Work in the middle of the road to progress smoothly, and does not cause a traffic jam.

According to the Head of Tourism Department of Transportation and Tourism of Pekalongan Drs Doyo Budi Wibowo MM, a few days the implementation of the PBI, a wide variety of regulation has begun to do.

"This activity is handled by the Department of Industry Trade and Cooperation, while we carry out several activities such as carnival performance, and so forth relating to the field of tourism," he said.

Mentioned, after long preparation, it is done start the various properties in various places central organizing PBI namely in the area of heritage Jetayu Street.

Start preparing for the building of the ex-Home Office of the Governor for some events up to around Jetayu Road as a central activity. "Use of Jetayu area as the center of the location because it is a heritage building, such as the Museum Batik, Office of Tourism, the Council of Arts, Sport and Public Building Art Appreciation (Vice President)," he demolished.

Therefore, the placement location of the wide support and is expected PBI2 in the City of Batik can be successful and able to attract the wider community and love against batik, because of the international activities.

(Nur Khaeruddin / CN08)

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International Batik Week 2009

International Batik Week 2009

In order birthdays Pekalongan City In Central Java Indonesia to the 103-year, the Government that supported by Museum Batik Pekalongan will conduct the International Batik Week 2009 with the theme "



Pekan Batik Internasional 2009

Pekan Batik Internasional 2009

On: 29 April - 3 May 2009

Agenda following activities:

1. Fashion On The Road on 2 May 2009
2. Carnival Kendaraan Ornamental Batik on 2 May 2009
3. Pentas Stage Entertainment and Arts on 29 April s / d 3 May 2009
4. Gala Dinner on 1 May 2009

Places of activity:

1. Fashion On The Road and Ornamental Batik Carnival of Vehicles, Route: Aloon-aloon - street. Wahid Hasyim - street. Hasanudin - street. Sultan Agung - street. R. Saleh - street. Jetayu.
2. Stage Entertainment and Arts Pentas in street. Jetayu (in front of the Museum Batik Kota Pekalongan)
3. Gala Dinner at the Home Office Bakorlin III.

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