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Helm Batik Start Young children tune

Helm Batik Start Young children tune
Monday, March 02, 2009
Pekalongan - Batik have become the breath of people's daily Pekalongan. Pantaslah get the nickname City of Batik. Until the cover-up of the alias was created batik helmet. Now, the helmet batik trend began to be so young. Like what?

Reports: Slamet Martoyo, Pekalongan
If you happened to go city of Pekalongan, try to note a huge ago thatch traffic Batik City. Do not be surprised if you see young people wearing motorcycle helmets with trendy batik. Yes, the helmet is painted with batik motifs on the start ngetrend Pekalongan. Primarily for members of motorcycle clubs. "Most of the book helmet batik children are young," said Taufik Tarodji, the scorpion helmet batik Koran visit this house.

In a simple house on the edge Banyurip Jl Raya No. 606, South Pekalongan that former civilian areas Kalideres, West Jakarta continue to create this. Pentolan in the former mufti, the helmet used to enter the appropriate trash can be changed to helmet batik into a beautiful and unique. Only with a little made hand and made batik, batik the helmet. Men who claim to have the LP Salemba prison because of this drug that are grateful for kreatifitasnya community. "The period I was sullen. I once conditions commas day. I have remorse. Now the important creative work. In addition to still make a batik design patterns, I also make helmets and batik batik decoration tripleks. Occasionally also business batik shirts order, "explained while smiling friendly.

Men claim to this original Pekalongan start making helmet concentration batik pattern since a year ago. factually, occurs when the price hikes mori fabric, the material of batik cloth. Taufik who make day-to-day design motif batik feel imbasnya. Order of batik design daripara had fallen sharply. Reduce the production of batik clothes because not afford to buy cloth. "I'm so confused. Order motif batik design is reduced, "added Taufik who live on Jl Raya No. 606 this Banyurip.

The kebingunganya, when cangrukan chat with neighbors, make the idea tercetus helmet batik. Moreover, some people are still reluctant to use Banyurip helmet. Helmet with batik, the people feel proud to use the helmet. Because, for the people of Pekalongan, batik is a pride. "Finally, the ability to have capital drawing, I try to make batik helmet. Initially, ex-unused helmet, so I've created batik helmet. In fact many are like, "tukas husband's Ny Ani Rohmayati this. Young people around the place of residence is also a lot of book. The pounding contagion, the user helmet batik was increases.

Taufik menuturkan, batik making helmet is actually simple. Just need patience and perseverance. Firstly coconut shell helmet diampelas to clean. Next let be painted or basic pigment. Next batiknya drawn motifs. After that be painted batik and screen in order to color up. Finally, the helmet in the dry in the sun for about 1 hour in order to become strong and the color does not fade. "I use to make the equipment to normal," Mr. supplement three children.

Peminat can bring your own helmet or order at a time. If a helmet himself, Taufik only determine the price thousands of between Rp 30 to Rp 40 thousand to cost to make. However, if complete buy helmets at a time, it costs between Rp 75 thousand to 150 thousand rp. "Depending on the size of the helmet and the complexity of motives batiknya. But if just use a helmet, so I can one day, "accuse him. At the helm of batik can be a logo or word name owner helmet or a company name.

In addition to creating batik helmet, actually serve Taufik also making batik decoration tripleks. Ie, batik painting with basic materials tripleks. For media tripleks, the process pembuatanya almost the same as the helmet batik. However, it is not necessary in the curtain. Concerning price, depending on size. Ranging between Rp 50 to Rp 200 thousand thousand. "I actually want to participate in exhibitions exhibitions. But have no capital, "said Taufik. Luckily, now batik painting tripleksnya already ordered officials start. While creative work continues, Taufik also busy deep religious knowledge. (***)

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