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Tthe Difference of Batik Tulis and Batik Cap

The development of batik in the brisk enough now, this had a positive impact for batik-batik producers in various regions. Request batik and batik cap is very high, even if the market needs some batik has been filled with the pattern batik textiles produced by companies that have capital of textiles. Some of batik require payment in advance for that production can be smoothly and the buyer will receive the requested order, this is on the 70-year period in which an at that time batik also request that a sizable enough amount. source :

Differences batik and batik cap can be seen from some of the following:

Batik Tulis

Batik Tulis

Batik Tulis

1. Done with the canting tool that is made of copper that can be formed to accommodate the night (wax batik) with the tip has a channel / pipe to a small discharge night in shaping the image on the surface of the early fabric.
2. The form of images / designs on batik does not have a clear repetition, so the image appears to be more flexible with the size of the motif that can be relatively small compared with the batik cap.
3. Batik pictures can be seen on both sides of the fabric appear more flat (see-through back and forth) for a special batik fine.
4. Basic color fabric usually younger than the scratches on the color motif (putihan batik / tembokan).
5. Each snippet of the picture (multiformity tub), which repeated the pieces of cloth usually never the same shape and size. Unlike the batik stamp is likely to be exactly the same image with the image of one another.
6. The time needed for the making of batik relatively long (2 or 3 times longer) compared with the making of batik cap. Manufacture of fine batik can take 3 to 6 months.
7. Tools of the form of canting relatively cheaper price ranges from Rp. 10.000, - to Rp. 20000, -/pcs.
8. Batik selling price is relatively more expensive, because of the generally better quality, luxurious and unique.

Batik Cap

Batik Cap

1. Done with the cap (a tool made of copper formed in accordance with the image or motif that you want). For making a batik cap stock with dimensions length and width: 20 cm X 20 cm required average time 2 hours.
2. The form of images / designs on batik cap always have a clear repetition, so images appear over and over, with the same form, with the size of the patterns are relatively large compared with batik.
3. Figure batik cap usually does not emerge on both sides of the cloth.
4. Color base cloth is usually older than the color of the scratches motifnya. This is not to make a batik cap closure on the basis of more complex patterns such as that done in the usual process of batik. Korelasinya is to pursue the selling price that is cheaper and the time of production more quickly. The time needed for sehelai batik cloth cap ranges 1 to 3 weeks.
5. To make a batik cap the various motifs, the much needed cap. While the price cap batik relatively more expensive from canting. For the price cap batik on the current conditions with the size 20 cm X 20 cm at around Rp. 350.000, - to Rp. 700000, -/motif. So that the initial capital of batik cap relatively more expensive.
6. Period of time the cap batik in good condition that can reach 5 years to 10 years, with a note not damaged. Repetition for copper batik stamp pemakainnya almost unlimited.
7. Selling price of batik cap relatively cheaper compared to batik, usually due to the amount and have many similarities and the other one is not unique, not special and less exclusive.

Besides differences between the visual side of batik and batik cap, but from the production side there are some similarities that should be in manufacture of both. Among them are the following:

* Both can be equally said batik cloth, as is done with the use of candles as a media stranglehold color.
* Done by the hand of man almost to create the image and color processing open close.
* Materials that also uses the same basic form of a white cloth, and should not be the type of material basic thread (cotton or silk) or tenunannya form.
* The use of coloring materials, and process the same color, there is no difference anatara batik and batik cap.
How to determine the lay-out or the patron, and also the forms of the same motif can be both. So when both of them to be sewn clothing made no difference for the designer clothes or penjahitnya. Only distinguish the quality of the picture only.
How to treat batik cloth (save, and use menyuci) there is no difference.
* To make the required image or sket initial basis to make it easier to learn and form patterns that will occur.

Here is another example of batik and stamp:

Hopefully for consumers batik lovers will not feel deceived, and can know more about the differences between the batik and batik cap. Happy shopping and bravo batik Indonesia.

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