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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PBI Logo Launched

Towards the promotion of batik Pekalongan akbar in the City, Saturday (4 / 4) night, Marketing Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Depbudpar) together with the House of Representatives and the me-Pemkot Pekalongan Pekan Batik launching logo International (PBI).

Logo themed''Batikku, Pekalongan Batik, Batik World''was launched by the Director General of Marketing Depbudpar Dr Sapta Nirwandar in the Convention Hall Dupan Pekalongan simultaneously launching train tour Jakarta-Pekalongan.

Events dimeriahkan performance characteristic of Batik art, ranging from dance to sintren garap Pekalongan gambus that make hundreds of guests from away to enjoy the arts and culture of Batik.

Before me-launching PBI logo, Sapta Nirwandar confess very stunned with art and culture of the religious Batik. "This is a property tour to serve as the engine pendongkrak the regional economy and need to be developed," he said.

Museum Batik

Mentioned, many things that needs to be addressed and, among them the Museum Batik collection and must be expanded. "Batik-batik nusantara much should be shown, not a regional one sample only. PR for this area and caleg-caleg akan sit in the House of Representatives seat, "he demolished.

Commission Vice-Chairman of the tourism sector 10 House Drs Mujib Rohmat MM added, khasanah culture and tourism in the city of Pekalongan is unique and worth selling show, is still too central to the focus areas are famous.

"Tourism as an excellent pendongkrak local economy, so the budget must also prime, in order to thrive. Then these areas are also to be small, so that tergali well, "added Mujib.

Meanwhile, Mayor of HM Basyir Ahmad declares impressed with the steps that made the team's Depbudpar. "Tourism is already be imagined City of Batik, now preceded by Depbudpar with the bureau, travel bureau, and then open the package tour train in cooperation with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI)," he said. (Nur Khaeruddin-52)

(Source: Suara Merdeka, 7 April 2009)

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