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International Batik Week 2009

International Batik Week 2009

Pekalongan, CyberNews. The Government of Pekalongan city and the committee of International Batik Week (PBI) 2 start up performance of the property will be held April 29-May 3 in future. Yesterday gapuro entrance PBI began in pairs in the area of Jetayu street by some workers. Work in the middle of the road to progress smoothly, and does not cause a traffic jam.

According to the Head of Tourism Department of Transportation and Tourism of Pekalongan Drs Doyo Budi Wibowo MM, a few days the implementation of the PBI, a wide variety of regulation has begun to do.

"This activity is handled by the Department of Industry Trade and Cooperation, while we carry out several activities such as carnival performance, and so forth relating to the field of tourism," he said.

Mentioned, after long preparation, it is done start the various properties in various places central organizing PBI namely in the area of heritage Jetayu Street.

Start preparing for the building of the ex-Home Office of the Governor for some events up to around Jetayu Road as a central activity. "Use of Jetayu area as the center of the location because it is a heritage building, such as the Museum Batik, Office of Tourism, the Council of Arts, Sport and Public Building Art Appreciation (Vice President)," he demolished.

Therefore, the placement location of the wide support and is expected PBI2 in the City of Batik can be successful and able to attract the wider community and love against batik, because of the international activities.

(Nur Khaeruddin / CN08)

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