Pekalongan City is batik center on the world please visit us in central java indonesia


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Batik is pure Indonesian culture

Indonesia is one country at south east that rich with any culture, the Indonesian cultures are:

1. Traditional Clothes
Traditional clothes are one of Indonesian culture that gives us some information about Traditional clothes from all state in Indonesia. For example: Kebaya is A Traditional clothe from Java island.
2. Traditional Dances
Traditional Dances are one of Indonesian culture that gives us some information about Traditional Dances from all state in Indonesia. For example: Kecak dance is A Traditional dance from Bali state.
3. Handicrafts
Handicraft is art product of Indonesia, it is made by hand not using machine, it is like Rotan to made chair, table and kid toy, etc.
4. Traditional Food and Drink
Traditional food and drink it is for example the Pekalongan traditional food is megono rice, and Soto tauto. And also famous traditional food from Yogjakarta is gudeg and traditional drink from Banjarnegara is dawet ayu

As Indonesian people we must happy and like to improve our culture, and we must show on the world that Indonesian culture is not worst than other culture in other country.

There are many methods to promote our culture to the world. One of things that use to promote our culture for example is by show on our traditional clothes product, it is batik’s product.

We know that batik is famous kind on the world, it’s especially in Indonesia, most of Indonesian people is batik provider and maker, especially in central java.
The famous city in central java state that suppliers batik around Indonesia and around the world are, Pekalongan, solo or Surakarta, Bali and West java of Indonesia.

Why a batik tulis product is more expensive than all batik products? Because the making process of batik tulis is more difficult than all, and it is need a long time to make it, sometimes to finished one piece of batik tulis, we need two week until the result is better than usually.

If you want to buy or order batik product, you can visit us at Pekalongan city, please join and visit us to get a best batik product and don’t worry about quality, Indonesia’s batik is best on the world, especially Pekalongan. Thank you very much and see you

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